Diana R. Eppstein


Areas of Expertise

Computer Programmer with more than 10 years experience in C and C++ with additional experience with VB, HTML, XML, Java, SQL for Oracle, Pervasive and SQL Server 7. Specialty in design and implementation of graphical user interfaces (GUI’s) using object oriented software design for Windows, X Windows and Mac OS; also experienced in detecting and repairing bugs in legacy code.

Programmer Medical Dimensional Imaging, Newport Beach CA 2001 — 2002

• Enhanced the user interface of an application that displays and manipulates CT Scan images in 3-D.

• Programmed in C and C++ for both Microsoft Visual C++ and Linux (gnu C/C++) platforms.

• Independently created two VB tools using html & xml for data collection and image annotation.

• Used Pervasive SQL and VB to enhance an off-the-shelf medical record application.

• Tested, installed and provided support to physician and medical technician software users.

Programmer Cendant Real Estate IT, Mission Viejo, CA 2000 — 2001

• Programmed in C and SQL using Microsoft Visual C++, HTML, JavaScript, SQL Server 7,

and Microsoft IIS web server.

• Fixed bugs and wrote enhancements to an intranet database used by thousands of real-estate brokers.

• Met deadlines by fixing bugs in a timely manner allowing revisions to be released on time.

Programmer/Analyst Ontek Corp, Laguna Hills, CA 1990 — 2000

• Developed GUI’s for many customer-driven and proof-of-concept white-collar robot applications in C, C++ & Java on Macintosh & Unix using Xlib/Xt, Motif, Quickdraw & Metrowerks PowerPlant.

• Designed and developed a transportation standards web site using C and HTML,

Oracle, SQL and JavaScript.

• Independently developed and maintained X Windows and Macintosh Toolbox cross-platform tools: table, hierarchy, and outliner tools, including Adobe Postscript printout capability.

• Collaborated with a small independent team in the overall product design, user interface design, implementation, coding, testing, installation, and user support.

Education B.A., Applied Mathematics, UC Santa Cruz 1988

Gene 4.3.4 Shareware 1994 — Present

• Shareware genealogy database program for the Macintosh.

• Received favorable reviews from MacWorld magazine and four mice from MacUser magazine.

• Collaborated with my husband on the design, development, and programming using C++.

Additional Experience Stanford Linear Accelerator and SRI International